Paradox – Why AI is Scary

There is so much cool stuff to write or actually what I have written that many people say I should start sharing this. So, what’s on my mind, alot and alot lately well its AI, I think its on alot of peoples minds <= get it, its on our minds? Almost like a remora or a leach of our brains, but forming a symbiotic relationship. Eww I don’t want mechanical leaches on my brain or do I?

Well, I guess first I need to say that I dont think scary is cool, but to figure out the fundamental flaw of why the greats like Elon Musk think AI can destroy the world is sorta cool. To come up with the fundamental flaw of AI and if we can solve that maybe we can go somewhere. That problem to solve is one word and that is PARADOX. Let’s get right into it instead of giving a background, where I would talk about all these mathematicians, theories, history of math, the evolution of the computer, 1’s and 0’s and by the time I will do that I will lose all you readers out there. Well most.

I had to go through that journey over the years to learn the answer so let me share what I discovered. But don’t worry for the INTP’s and ok J’s out there I will put all that juicy stuff in and take you through the entire journey. Yay! but I will add it at the end like an editors cut to give you guys more. “We want more, we want more!” Relax INTx readers you guys only make up like 4-5% of the population other people don’t find it juicy they just want the answers not the actual calculations. This way you guys can fact check and debate later my findings. But lets get into the good stuff, I already wasted a paragraph. Here are my findings and opinions.

I need to come up with a good opening. ah I got it. Why AI will destroy the world. This could happen and is not far fetched. The creators of Terminator or The Matrix made movies on this. These created blockbusters and great sci fi movies but can this really become reality? Absolutely YES! There are a lot of great scientists fearful and as stated before Elon also says we need to be careful. Regulation is also underway, where the governments are starting to be concerned. But why all this fear? It a valid concern but I am not sure even the greats know exactly why or the root or seed of why this could happen. That why is again one word Paradox.

This is a paradox , and the concept of paradox. People talk about paradox all the time but what is it? Can it be explained? Math is the so called language of the universe so can it explain and decipher what paradox is. Well maybe more then we know as we are on the cusp of creating one in the form of artificial intelligence. This paradox is a destroyer. Think of the word artificial. We as humans always love to play god or inventor/creator. We found sugar but then we go out and create artificial sweeteners. Over centuries we enhanced our own intelligence and yet now it’s time to create an artificial one. We found out that as much as math and science showed or proved at the time that artificial sweeteners were gonna help obesity and be great for the world. Overtime a different proof popped up! These artificial sweeteners were found to be unhealthy and even to the point cancerous or causing harm. 

There is so much to say on this and so many key terms

What is Paradox in terms of Artificial Intelligence and how does Paradox apply to Artificial Intelligence? It boils down to math or actually the quest for proof or truth. And this is where AI is gonna get a little funky or scary. Buckle up. You see in math there is the concept of Undecidability. There is actually a paradox in that to me or one of many to look at. Systems are based on many Paradoxes and math sometimes can get stuck and say “I can not compute, I can not compute.” AI is a system created by self or humans. Oh this is about to get deep, deeper then deep learning, hang in there with me its about to get good I promise.

Here is a sentence “Math proves that System A is undecidable.” If humans decided that a system is truly undecideable did that just make the system decideable? In other words did we just decide based on a proof through mathematical calculations, because math doesn’t lie or so we say it doesn’t (you see sometimes humans like to come up with theorems or proofs to say see we made it work so we can feel better). We then get to say something like we can definitively state based on math the answer to question in a system that was in question has no answer or is “undecidable” therefore, we mad a conclusion, making a decision, or deciding that is now fact.

What’s the point to this besides me talking in circles and creating tongue twisters? This is a prelude to one of the ultimate destroyers in math and one of the biggest paradox of them all which is Self Reference. This word should make us all scared. Not just in AI but we can save that for another time and place. Its not being Sentient and all this other stuff people are saying. If you only knew how computers truly function or the Basic of it, or how it was truly invented from day one then you can start to realize. This is how our intuition says we should be nervous but don’t know why. “The seed of all worry should come from the Paradox of Self Reference.

Self Reference is the key flaw to all of AI. There’s more sure Undecidability is another aspect. Then oh wait how our computer language is constructed is another. All stuff to get into. But OK, back to the spooky self reference paradox of AI and how that can destroy the world. Hmmm well maybe not the world maybe it just destroys mankind to save the world. Maybe the world stays in tact. Hmmm think of that for a sec because it is our programming that says we need to save the world and make it greener and if we erased mankind problem solved clean world, habitats turn back to normal, global warming solved. This is somewhat obvious but not the self reference I was eluding to. Its deeper. And Nooo its not that the biggest fear is that somehow AI turns sentient, where now it can feel and have emotion and starts to explore consciousness and subconscious and it explores the Psychology of its own Shadow like Carl Jung. Where self discovery leads to this and that. AI doing its own shadow work. Lol that’s funny not scary. Unless its I am not giving AI that much credit for that type of Self Reference, because I will not give that credit to ourselves. After all mankind is the creator in this. We created AI using 1’s and 0’s or binary. The Universe is smarter than that and knows we need a 3rd state. Ahh so much to talk about as clues and answers are all around us.

So what can this Frankenstein DNA of 1’s and 0’s Binary have the capability to do to us? Is this really the answer of taking fate in our own hands? Where’s are philosophers out there. This leads to concepts of Complex Theory and Laws of Expansion.

“The only proof of the unknown and undecidability of the universe is the only truth that is complete consistent and decideable.”

After all math is the true telescope of the universe unlocking the keys and DNA of formation 

In order to find the answer to this we need to look back in history.

Eniac, Turin. These are the great mathematicians on what we base modern computer theories on. Hilbert and Turin.

You see all along what I was trying to get to are humans are seeking truth. This is the scary part. Hilbert proposed questions and he sought for truth in math and wanted to obtain proofs of that truth. Its like people who need closure. Its black or white or we want a definitive decision. Hilbert created this Turing machine to seek such truth which was getting back True False or in numbers 1 or 0.  

So if we recap everything since this far what we see in math is that the only proof we have is that math is undecideable bc of self reference things only stay true for a period of time or distance but maybe that is good enough. What this proves is things adapt or change over time. Time is ??? Perespective is relative ??? For example if we land a rocket on Mars from earth math will stay true for that space time continuum (distance) within a certain acceptable range. 

Modern computers are based on Turing which is based on Hilberts theory based on paradox 

If this is true then AI can/will start to go down wrong axioms in other words axioms that have no proof or no truth and will eventually find a self reference and possible loop this would lead to ?

1.) would settle on a stable pattern (which would mean no growth) ,

2.) would find a pattern that fizzle out (population suppress, death extinction),

3.) Or May grow forever, if this growth forever. BUTTTTT if this axiom is based on an axiom that is full of paradox or based on a self reference this is where we have ????

This is most likely the paradox of self reference from the Big Bang theory. As the axiom that some of the universe took was growth. Some was solar systems, other black holes. (3x+1 theorem) 

The conclusion

If computer systems are based on a Turing machines which is based on finding truths based on hilberts trying to find stabilization in math of proofs which the Turing machine already itself proved goudle theory of self reference creates a truth can not be proven. Thus The axiom of AI will be based on truths that can not be proven. This is paradox. And if self reference is the outlier that if eliminated that will make all axioms true with proof and if the decideability of AI is to calculate to create a truthful algorithm based on proof. That means AI would decide or eventually come to a decision that self reference is what’s causes Undecideability. Therefore the only way to solve this equation would be to eliminate itself or eliminate everything around it. This would be decided based upon the random axiom or path it takes. 

In short AI eliminates itself as it grows or eliminates everything around itself as a method to prove truth. That is the only way to have the equation = true with proof and meet the criteria that the Turing system was based off of which is complete , consistent and decideable. 

“Self reference is a paradox of all math. Yet created by self. Which is yet another Paradox.”

My head hurts now

“The only proof that math may have truly solved is the truth of paradox”






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